In the business world, we know every good deal starts and ends with a firm handshake, and unfortunately, today’s politicians can’t get to that point.

I’m committed to leading on the issues where we can find common ground to create positive solutions that matter to Texas and the nation. I’m willing to sit down with everyone necessary to solve some of our most pressing challenges. I hope you will join me at the table.

Energy and Environment

Texas’ leadership in our nation’s energy production and security has not been well-represented by my opponent. “Cruz’s track record as the primary sponsor on energy-related bills is pretty dismal: only 5 percent of the bills he has sponsored address the energy sector.” – Texas Monthly

What Texas says on energy needs to matter in Washington, and as such, Texas’ Senator should be an ambassador for Texas’ homegrown clean energy production over dirty and more expensive alternatives. I will work for common sense, market-based programs to address pollution concerns, knowing that Texas industries will beat out old and inefficient energy sources.

I have built my career as a negotiator in the energy industry and developed a reputation for creating solutions to keep our energy economy moving into the next century.

From day one, I will bring onto my team Texas energy sector experts to deliver to the nation a winning vision for national energy production and security.

Trade, Jobs and the Economy

  • Texas is a powerhouse for international trade, with billions of dollars in commerce passing through our ports of entry. I’m for expanding trade agreements that diversify Texas’ economy, underpin the energy sector, fund the Texas state budget and keep retail prices low across the country.
  • Crumbling infrastructure takes a toll on our economy. Texas has the longest road and rail networks in the country, but one in five miles of Texas roadways, including federally funded interstates, need repair. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates the wear and tear of poorly maintained roads costs individual Texans an average of $500 per vehicle each year. That’s government dysfunction taking money out of your pocket. If we can’t keep our roads paved, how do we expect to dredge the channel in Corpus or expand the port in Houston? I will make securing federal infrastructure investments a priority in the U.S. Senate to keep goods, jobs, and services moving quickly across the roads and rails of Texas.
  • Small businesses and major industries all over this state want disruptive regulations reformed and eliminated to help Texans bring in more business, create more jobs and keep Texas marketplace as one of the friendliest and best places in America to do business. I completely agree.

Immigration and Border Security

The nation’s immigration system needs a massive overhaul. Currently our broken system doesn’t work for Texas job creators, hurts law enforcement’s ability to keep our communities safe and limits Texas’ rich cultural diversity.

We must find an immigration solution that provides Texas job creators with the skilled and seasonal workers they need to fuel our economy. I will make immigration restructuring a priority in the U.S. Senate and will work with anyone necessary to figure it out, once and for all.

The process must become safe, secure, streamlined, simple and cheap. I’m against amnesty, but I do believe we can negotiate a creative solution to bring undocumented immigrants out from the shadows so they can work openly to earn their way into the American Dream. I believe implementing a biometric entry-exit system to reduce the number of overstayed visas is also a critical part of the solution.

Texans, like myself, agree that border security is a top priority for solving the immigration system’s failures and keeping our communities safe. I will fight for a fiscally-sound, smart, 21st century solution to securing the border that relies on modern technology and provides additional resources to the Department of Homeland Security.

With Texas’ geographic position along the country’s longest international border with Mexico, Texas is uniquely-suited to offer leadership on how to best address the failures of our immigration system and it’s time Texas had a Senator who is prepared to do so.

Federal Debt and Balanced Budgets

The compounding national debt threatens our national security and future economic growth. I believe it is irresponsible to pass the consequences of inaction to our children and grandchildren. There seems to be no willingness to take on reducing the debt, but I’m willing to work with my Senate colleagues to pass a balanced budget that tackles the almost $20 Trillion in federal debt. Good people all over Texas live within their means, and Washington should too.


Congress is leaving our troops behind. Our heroes deserve better quality healthcare, a VA with the right reforms and resources to eliminate backlogs, more healthcare providers in rural counties, expanded access to mental health resources and more opportunities to help offer our veterans leadership in the civilian world.

Our vets raise families all over the state, build successful businesses here and keep our communities safe. I believe we can do better to overhaul what we offer in return for their service to our country.

Personal Liberty

I believe the federal government has no business regulating people’s private lives – how they choose to live, what god they pray to, the words they speak, whether they choose to lawfully own a gun, who they love and in personal health matters.

Additionally, the government needs to refrain from unlawful seizures and imposing excessive bails and fines through the judicial system.

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