Former Supporter Challenges Ted Cruz for his Senate Seat

"De Stefano says legislation, like tax reform, won't be passed without a willingness to work across the aisle in Congress, something that he says run counter to Cruz's 'extremist' style."


New Energy in the Senate Republican Primary

"I've had an entire career of experience brokering deals in the energy sector," de Stefano told Texas Monthly. "With that experience I can be the ambassador for energy that Texas sorely needs."

Houston Energy Lawyer to Challenge Cruz in 2018

"Stefano de Stefano, who bills himself as a jilted voter and 'free-market Republican' represents a challenge from the center of the Republican firmament, a demographic that has felt increasingly left out of the state's GOP."

The Politics of Division

"Our only solution is for each of us to show the courage to stand up and pull the nation back from the divisive politics splitting us into armies against each other. It’s time to turn back against the tide of political leaders who label our countrymen as some form of “other” — definitions crafted along the fissures of differing religions, racial and cultural identities and in-between socioeconomic bodies."

Centrist Republican to Primary Ted Cruz's Extremist Posturing

"“The time has come for private citizens to take the government back from the brink — of its greatest threat — a legislature hobbled by extremist posturing from career politicians,” de Stefano said in a statement."

Why I Can Beat Ted Cruz

"Since when is it a radical idea to be in the middle and be a guy that’s working for the best solutions for everybody? I’ve decided to bring that back to our national discourse and I think people are ready for that."

Houston Energy Attorney to Run for U.S. Senate in 2018, Takes on Cruz

"'I think there's a lot of jilted voters out there like me that don't think that extremism represents them. They are tired of partisan blood feuds, and want everyday common sense solutions that affect their real everyday lives,' Stefano said."

Meet Stefano de Stefano, the Republican energy lawyer hoping to oust Ted Cruz

"'I’m an energy attorney, and never had any real political ambition in my entire life, but over the past eight years we’ve sort of seen a degeneration of politics in this country into opposing camps," he said.

Cruz, he continued, 'is the face of that division. He’s built his career on that division ... it’s bad for the country and it’s bad for the Republican party.'"

Stefano Speaks with Mike Siegel About Policy Positions, Current Events

“The reason that emergency rooms have to take care of everyone who comes through their doors is because of a bill Reagan passed. Reagan was in favor of giving healthcare to everybody. So today, the [healthcare] discussion that was going on is, ‘We don’t really have a plan, so we’re just going to undo this law without having a plan to go forward.’”

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