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Stefano de Stefano is a Houston-based energy sector attorney running to unseat Ted Cruz in the Texas Republican Party’s 2018 Primary Election for U.S. Senate. Stefano once supported Ted, but now wants to retire Ted’s extremist and self-serving political vision from the Senate.

With the future of the country at stake, Stefano is committed to offering the Lone Star State his practical leadership experience as a negotiator in the Texas energy sector to fix problems, restore faith in our process, and secure common ground solutions for the good people and industries around the state.

Texans and the nation are expecting our Senator to address some of the serious challenges facing us. I am committed to taking that responsibility seriously, while my opponent is clearly still busy trying to launch his extremist political brand into the White House at all costs.

I’ve got plans to address major issues where Congress has been unable to make headway. I believe we can solve our immigration system’s failures, effectively champion the Texas energy sector throughout the nation, and can negotiate win-win solutions on other issues by working on your behalf instead of for some perfect ideological outcome.

ENDORSEMENT: We Recommend Stefano De Stefano Over Ted Cruz In GOP Primary for U.S. Senate

Texas Republicans have an opportunity in the March 6 primary... to vote for the kind of public leadership that inspires America rather than divides it. A kind of leadership that gives America its best chance to address the very real challenges ahead. 

To make the most of the moment, we urge voters to choose Houston energy lawyer Stefano de Stefano over Cruz."

Cruz Campaign Calls Don't Want Texans To Know About The Primary

"I find it insulting to Texas that Cruz – as the frontrunner, no less – felt it necessary to bring in activists from outside our state to interfere in Texas’ elections with blatant omissions to his constituents regarding his primary challengers,” de Stefano said."

Rational Republicans Are Finally Fighting Back

"Texas Senator Ted Cruz earned his place in Washington in 2012 with a bold insurgent campaign against a well-funded, established GOP figure. Republican challenger Stefano de Stefano is now running Cruz’ own playbook against him, and he just scored a surprising endorsement."

Cruz Pays Over $1M To Out-Of-State Activists Caught Spreading Lies To Interfere In Texas Primary

Stefano: “The more I think about it, the more it seems he’s working solely to maintain his bona fides with Iowans, whom he paid over one million dollars, to support another potential Presidential run.

What’s more troubling is this comes to light with less than a week to go before he expects Texans to trust him again with the Republican Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate. He’s clearly still pursuing his own political ambitions on the backs of Texas voters, and I think we deserve so much more than that.”


Stefano Answers Your AMA Questions

Stefano: "I have never run for office before, but Ted is so odious that I quit my day job - ... [as] a corporate energy and finance attorney - and am running against him in the Republican Primary. The election for this race is already in early voting and the last day to cast your ballot is March 6... I'm a Rational Republican - I know there are not many of those left."


VIDEO: Ted Cruz Ignores Texan's Concerns On Immigration Reform

Stefano: “It is completely unacceptable for the Senator of Texas to be silent on his lack of leadership on immigration reform – an important issue facing tens of thousands of Texans, our industries, and our values as a nation built by immigrants. I believe his choice to put his own anti-immigrant political brand ahead of his responsibility to represent Texas’ concerns in the Senate is despicable. It only shows he is unfit to serve in the capacity the people of Texas, like myself, elected him to in 2012.”

ENDORSEMENT: The Eagle Recommends Stefano De Stefano In Race Against Ted Cruz

"De Stefano is an energy industry attorney also making his first run for public office. He said Congress has 'abdicated its role as a co-equal branch of government.' 'The Senate leadership has got to lead,' de Stefano said, and members of Congress must be willing to compromise.'"


ENDORSEMENT: Caller-Times Urges Voters To Back Stefano In GOP Primary

"...This 37-year-old Houston energy lawyer offers more than a protest vote against an incumbent who doesn't deserve re-election. Stefano's sensible, solutions-oriented conservatism is a pleasant contrast to the current widely disliked, obstructionist-oriented ideologue junior senator from Texas."


Op-Ed: Immigration Is A Conservative Value, A Liberal Value, And Most Of All, An American Value

"The fear that legal immigration by low-skilled workers subjects low-skilled Americans to unfair competition is demonstrably false and smacks of timidity – not a traditional conservative value. The fact is, lower wages for ranch hands and dishwashers have little effect on wages for low-skilled positions that require English fluency. And with our labor market nearing full employment, slashing the ranks of our legal workforce would cripple economic growth."


Op-Ed: Dreamers are not criminals; it's time for Congress to stand up

"If Congress fails again, as seems likely, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Until voters reject the fetish for hardliners of both parties who turn compromise into a dirty word, who would have us believe they are “authentic” or “anti-establishment” when they are, in fact, spineless cowards and functionally ineffective, the casualties of legislative deadlock will continue to pile up."

Why I Can Beat Ted Cruz - An Interview With Stefano de Stefano

"I think there’s a chance of democracy winning this race. People are sick and tired from the last election cycle of the divisive politics and the rancor and vitriol that’s been a hallmark of American politics for the last seven years. Extreme politics that’s going on is sickening people, and I think people are ready for a new class of leadership, a sort of radical departure from the partisan extremism that’s going on now. Since when is it a radical idea to be in the middle and be a guy that’s working for the best solutions for everybody? I’ve decided to bring that back to our national discourse and I think people are ready for that."

Op-Ed: Politicians Such As Cruz Are Crying Crocodile Tears Over Charlottesville 

"My opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz, issued a laudable statement condemning the nationalist perpetrators of the Charlottesville tragedy, one highlighted on this page this week: “These bigots want to tear our country apart, but they will fail. America is far better than this.” He is right, but these words are crocodile tears. His entire career as a public servant has been defined by exploiting the you-versus-them worldview that came to a violent head in Charlottesville."

Op-Ed: The Power Of The Pen Is No Substitute For A Functioning Congress

"Each problem that Congress fails to address with an enduring bipartisan solution inches us closer to the brink, when some future president judges his constitutional powers insufficient to the needs of the nation, and declares himself the source of all legislation.

That prospect should send a shudder of horror through freedom-loving Americans of any stripe, as it did the group of conservatives I spoke with earlier this year. If we act now to oust key extremists from both sides of the aisle, we may yet veer from that course."

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon speaks at a rally for U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore, Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, in Fairhope, Ala. Sen. Luther Strange and challenger Moore made their final push Monday to sway voters ahead of Alabama's Republican runoff for U.S. Senate, a race that's pitted President Donald Trump against his former strategist, Bannon. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson) Photo: Brynn Anderson, STF / Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Bannon's War On Incumbents Forces Cruz To Straddle GOP Fault Lines

"Cruz's only declared Republican primary challenger so far, Houston energy lawyer Stefano de Stefano, said Bannon's endorsement of Cruz should give pause to traditional Republicans like himself.

'This is reinforcing the message I've had since the beginning,' de Stefano said. 'Cruz is on the extreme fringe. He's the face of why things don't get done in Washington.'"

Republican Stefano De Stefano Wants To Unseat Ted Cruz

"In 2012, Stefano de Stefano, a Houston energy lawyer and self-described old-school Republican, voted for Sen. Ted Cruz. Five years later, he's running to supplant Cruz in the Senate, calling his opponent a 'poster child' of congressional dysfunction.

An economic Reaganite and political unknown, de Stefano wants free trade, low taxes and to reform or eliminate business regulations. In challenging Cruz in the Republican primary, de Stefano said he's running against the 'extremism that shuts Washington down,' behind an agenda that focuses on immigration, energy and jobs - areas in which he believes there's room for compromise."

Op-Ed: Rebirth Of The Great American Shipyard

"American shipyards may never compete for comparatively simple vessels such as tankers or container ships, but they are still capable of producing cutting-edge, often custom, pieces of machinery. Currently, however, stringent environmental and safety regulations drive the costs of these vessels into the stratosphere. Creative policy-making, informed by private-sector knowhow, can offset that regulatory burden."


Stefano Speaks On What It Means To Be Pro-Driver In The U.S. Senate

Stefano: I agree the great truck drivers around the country need to start finding individuals running for Congressional and Senate seats who are 'PRO Driver.' We need to find those who are willing to stand up against over-regulation, HOS, ELD, Parking issues, and a whole lot more that plague this vital industry.


Stefano De Stefano Talks U.S. Relations With Asian Countries

Stefano recently joined Southern China News for a discussion on the issues facing US-Asia relations, along with other questions on education, taxes, and more. Head over to our Vimeo for the full interview - given in both English and Chinese. 


Houston Energy Attorney to Run for U.S. Senate in 2018, Takes on Cruz

"'I think there's a lot of jilted voters out there like me that don't think that extremism represents them. They are tired of partisan blood feuds, and want everyday common sense solutions that affect their real everyday lives,' Stefano said."

Meet Stefano De Stefano, The Republican Energy Lawyer Hoping To Oust Ted Cruz

"'I’m an energy attorney, and never had any real political ambition in my entire life, but over the past eight years we’ve sort of seen a degeneration of politics in this country into opposing camps," he said.

Cruz, he continued, 'is the face of that division. He’s built his career on that division ... it’s bad for the country and it’s bad for the Republican party.'"

Stefano Speaks with Mike Siegel About Policy Positions, Current Events

“The reason that emergency rooms have to take care of everyone who comes through their doors is because of a bill Reagan passed. Reagan was in favor of giving healthcare to everybody. So today, the [healthcare] discussion that was going on is, ‘We don’t really have a plan, so we’re just going to undo this law without having a plan to go forward.’”

Former Supporter Challenges Ted Cruz for His Senate Seat

"De Stefano says legislation, like tax reform, won't be passed without a willingness to work across the aisle in Congress, something that he says run counter to Cruz's 'extremist' style."


New Energy In The Senate Republican Primary

"I've had an entire career of experience brokering deals in the energy sector," de Stefano told Texas Monthly. "With that experience I can be the ambassador for energy that Texas sorely needs."


Houston Energy Lawyer To Challenge Cruz In 2018

"Stefano de Stefano, who bills himself as a jilted voter and 'free-market Republican' represents a challenge from the center of the Republican firmament, a demographic that has felt increasingly left out of the state's GOP."


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Stefano is the clear choice in this race to return reasonable leadership to his fellow Texans, without regard to his next political career move. It’s time for everyday Texans to take back the duty of delivering for Texas. We invite you to join our campaign.

Stefano de Stefano is a Houston family man running for the U.S. Senate in 2018 to unseat Ted Cruz, one of the country’s most corrosive and misguided career politicians. With the future of the country at stake, we invite you to join us in our stand against political extremism and deliver reason and results back to the State of Texas.

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